Small Business Lift Up – Sydney Wide Environmental Services

Written by on May 12, 2020

RBM’s volunteer organisation is ready and here to help keep small business drumming during the COVID-19 restrictions. To that end we are doing free promotion across all media for those businesses that contact us.

Today’s feature is Sydney Wide Environmental Services which is a company headed by friend of the station Geoff Field that specializes in sewer and stormwater drain cleaning operations.

Being private and wholly Australian owned, it has enjoyed rapid growth since commencing its operations in 1995. The company’s continual endeavour for quality, reliability and service has placed them at the forefront of what is an ever growing industry.

Their broad offering of services range from initial asset condition investigations right through to routine pipeline maintenance, and more recently the expansion of their operations into root treatment services being run through a subsidiary called Natural Response Services P/L. These services are supported by a network of specialists experienced in all areas of the industry.

Get in touch with Geoff and the team here…

Phone: (02) 9627 7133 




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