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Our training coordinator Barbara Callan has organised an eight-week training course in conjunction with TAFE for those who want to gain skills in digital audio editing. We will be learning Adobe Audition CC, a professional audio workstation that allows you to create, mix and design sound effects. The course is free, and there are only […]

Even when it’s not election day, it’s always a good time for a snag on the barbie. Did you know RBM’s monthly BBQs are our main fundraiser, helping to keep presenters on the air and the station ticking over? Sandy Croker, RBM’s Volunteer Coordinator, does a wonderful job of pulling together the BBQs every month, […]

FUNKY PUNKY PARTY: DRESS UP THEME: Disco Funk Punks This latest event from Retro Rehash has a theme centered around Punk/Disco/Funk culture.You will feel like you have stepped into another world where the opposing genres of Punk and Funk live in harmony. Where people are strutting and pogoing on the same dance floor. The Roxy […]

The ever oppessable Willem Hendriksen AKA Retro Rehash is putting on a very special RBM event.  


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