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Imagine a music show where the unexpected is the norm. A show that is the very antithesis of predictability. A show that challenges you to explore musical genres rarely heard elsewhere on the airwaves. ‘Soundscapes” is such a show! Put away your preconceived ideas of what ‘good’ music is, open your ears and mind and let ‘Soundscapes’ take you on a musical journey to destinations unknown.

Of all the arts, music is the only one that is ultimately undefinable. It defies explanation. It is an aural experience that is what it is, nothing more, nothing less! A sensory pleasure unlike any other, music has the ability to inspire love, desire, and all manner of hidden emotions.

From renaissance madrigals to Talking Heads, from the baroque to new age, from jazz to experimental, nothing is off limits in the wonderful world of ‘Soundscapes’.


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