Rights. Rorts & Rants

presented by Fran Dyson and Debra Smith

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Thursday 20:00 21:00

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Rights, Rorts & Rants presented by Fran Dyson and Debra Smith on behalf of Blue Mountains Unions & Community
In the late 1980s the BMUC was formed by Blue Mountains activists from different unions as a community organisation to "advance unionism, living standards, social justice and employment" in the Blue Mountains.
Rights, Rorts & Rants is the voive of the organisation and of the people who beleive in its message of social consciousness and responsibility.

In August 1997 the BMUC was incorporated in NSW under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984.

Our web page - http://bmucinc.com/
Our blog - http://bmuc.blogspot.com/

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